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Winter Update Chess Universe

Chess Beginners Unite: Chess Universe Winter Update

The latest update is finally here, it will revolutionize the way beginners learn the game. Introducing comprehensive tutorials tailored specifically for absolute beginners!
by Milica Knezevic on December 13, 2023
Chess Universe Tournaments


Discover the Excitement of Chess Universe's Latest Game Update: Dive into the World of Chess Tournaments! Unleash your inner grandmaster and explore the dynamic new features in Chess Universe's latest game update. With the option to participate in thrilling chess tournaments, you can now test your skills against players from around the globe. Dive into a world of strategy, competition, and endless possibilities. Learn more about this exciting update in our latest article!
by Milica Knezevic on September 16, 2023
Chess Universe Cover

Chess Universe: Getting Started

Ever stumbled upon an awesome game but wasn't entirely sure if you know all it's features? Here is our short and simple guide through the best chess game there is: CHESS UNVIERSE!
by Milica Knezevic on December 26, 2022
Relics Chess Universe

How to start earning with chess in 7 steps

It's time to earn with chess! Play your favourite game and earn currency to use in the game and outside of it! Complete Relic Quest in Chess Universe and earn amazing awards and open yourself up to a world of opportunity! We will introduce our new Play to Earn model to you in 7 easy and clear steps so that you can start your journey today!
by Milica Knezevic on December 16, 2022
Chess Universe 1.16 Update

Winter 2022 Update: Chess It Up!

We are so excited to present our 1.16 Update! Welcome to a new and improved Chess Universe! Explore the latest changes in our app and experience a new type of play to earn with us! We hope you are ready for a chess adventure of a lifetime!
by Milica Knezevic on December 15, 2022
NFT cover

NFTs: A Short And Sweet Introduction For Beginners

NFTs are a mystery to many people. Let's find out more about some basic terminology used today when it comes to both NFTs and cryptocurrencies that you use to acquire NFTs. We give you 10 terms to know in order to feel super comfortable in this new and evolving scene.
by Milica Knezevic on October 13, 2022


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