Chess Beginners Unite: Chess Universe Winter Update

by Milica Knezevic on December 13, 2023

Chess Beginner Paradise

Welcome to our latest update that is going to give you the best of experiences! Whether you are a seasoned chess professional or you are an absolute beginner, we got you covered! 

We are here to explore the wonders of our game with you and to create a whole new experience! 

What is new

Let's talk about what's new!

Let's break it down to a few steps we covered in this latest update! Welcome to your favourite end of the year event! From new tournaments, rewards and chess sets and boards, to a brand new approach to teaching ! 

Introducing: New Chess Tournaments

There is nothing quite like innovative ways to improve your skill! We believe that it is through interaction and competition with other incredible players that most knowledge can be gathered! 

So we created the ultimate tournament experience by adding two set ups in our tournament selection that will make you excited! 


    If you want to experience a 1 minute game that will ignite your inner passions, we got you covered! 

    Welcome to a Godlike experience with our new Tournament mode ! Olympus Blitz also offers the NITRO feature possibility where 60 seconds can be halved and double medals can be earned if the player wins with half the time. You can also earn 10 medals if you reach the finals, and 2 medals if you reach the semi or quarter finals!  Are you ready to ascend to the chess Olympus? The clock is ticking, and the battle begins now!



    Let us guide you on a strategic journey through the ancient city of Babylon with our latest tournament mode – a 10-minute chess extravaganza! Crafted for those who savor the delicate balance between rapid decision-making and thoughtful gameplay. In the bustling streets of Babylon, where history meets strategy, you'll have just enough time to showcase your tactical prowess and conquer opponents in a dynamic chess spectacle. This tournament mode is BEGINNER FRIENDLY and should be explored by all chess newcomers! You can use our SHIELD  (a warning every time you are about to make a weak move), EVALUATE (calculates and displays the game evaluation)  and HINT(suggests up to  moves for the given position on the board) options during this tournament! 


Introducing: 3 New Chess Learning Towers!

Welcome to our proudest moment in this update! Whether you come to us with no knowledge or you are ready to conquer the online chess world, we have prepared options for you to explore! 

In case you are a complete novice, we have introduced three new towers in this update, to help you get your chess adventure going! 


In case you want to learn how to move your pieces and what the chess annotation actually is and what it looks like, we got you covered! 

We also decided to teach our players the basics of game play, so you get to learn how to mate and move, along with some trial games as you reach the third tower. 


You can take as much time as you need to get a hang of the basics and move towards your first matches! We are so happy to finally accommodate even complete novices in the game! We hope you have fun and truly enjoy yourself in our game! 

Learn How To Play

Let's break down the towers a little bit!


    In the first super exciting tower you get to learn how each piece moves, and how to capture pieces! You can also cover how to check the king and the ultimate chess goal of checkmate!  This is the tower that will help the most in understanding board movement!



    Here we take you through the rules on castling, we explain en passant and how certain game outcomes happen, like a draw or stalemate. Finally, in this tower you get to explore the actual values of each chess piece! 



    When you are ready to test your knowledge we have set up a few practice matches in the third tower, that start of light and lead you gently into more complex game modes! We truly believe you got this and can complete all the towers with ease and begin your chess adventures! 

Here you can check out some more game tips and trick to help you get started and to create your own game method to enjoy! 

Introducing: New Rewards, Sets and Boards!

Cute chess set
Monster chess set
  • We present our cutie chess set and board in pink and our dark mode chess board and monster set together in this update! 

  • Welcome to your new and exciting chess set up! Whether you are in the mood for an adorable chess set or you are in a scary mood, we are sure these additions will spruce up your chess playing for sure! 

  • It's time for a little modification for some good luck! Enjoy these and let us know what else you'd like to see!

Introducing: A New Pet as a Reward!

  • In this enchanting update, we're thrilled to introduce a delightful incentive that adds a touch of whimsy to your daily chess tournaments. Picture this: every time you finish among the elite in the daily tournament's top group, you not only claim victory on the chessboard but also win a charming and adorable chess-themed pet to accompany you on your chess journey. These cute companions aren't just aesthetic additions; they bring a sense of camaraderie and joy to your gaming experience.


  • We made sure to create a fun and all inclusive tournament experience for you with these little guys! Hoping that your tournament experience becomes even more engaging and fun! Good luck and we hope this update makes you as excited for chess as we are! 



Let's conclude in the eternal words of Mikhail Tal:

"You must take your opponent into a deep, dark forest where 2+2=5, and the path leading out is only wide enough for one."


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