Chess Universe: Summer 2022 Update

by Milica Knezevic on July 09, 2022
Update Summer


NEW: User Interface!

  • We have been working really hard on this update. A fresh new look for your favorite chess game! This way it is more spacious and clear for all our players. The playing modes are now easily found, and all of the other features are much easier to access. Let's guide you through it.  

  • Now you can access the playing modes at the bottom from left to right you have: PLAY VS FRIENDS, CHESS ACADEMY, PLAY VS COMPUTER and PLAY ONLINE

  • The REWARDS are collected at the center of the screen, where you see a treasure chest, and a ribbon wrapped gift as well.

  • At the top, on the far left is your settings button, next to it you see your COINS and GEMS balance, next is the plus symbol where you can do your in app purchases and finally your inbox letter icon on the top right. 

  • Finally, by clicking on your CHARACTER you have access to: CHESSBOARDS, CHARACTER SKINS, PETS, LEADERBOARD, MATCH HISTORY, QUESTS and SOCIAL LINKS, which is a new option for all our chess players. 

  • If you tap on SOCIAL icon you will be able to access all Chess Universe social sites and interact with the whole team behind the Chess Universe app! You can ask us and our community anything here: Discord, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.   

  • We hope this new interface is something that you love and hopefully it is more spacious and clear now! 

  • We do it for chess and all our players, so please enjoy!
Interface update

NEW: Earn Experience Points for Playing Online Chess

Feature 2
  • A fun new feature is also that now you can earn XP when playing online chess! 

  • It's simple, every online match you play gets you a certain number of experience points (XP) that you will eventually use for awesome rewards! XP will get you keys, which you will use to open chests with rewards!
  • For your first key to be earned you need to hit your 25 XP mark! So play hard and we hope you win all of your matches! 

NEW: Better Chess Quest Rewards

  • There is nothing more exciting and satisfying for a player than rewards won after completed tasks!
  • Now, in Chess Universe you get the opportunity to finish QUESTS and be rewarded with Keys after completing them. Now, the rewards are even better then before!
  • To check out the active quests all you need to do is tap on your avatar from main screen, then tap on QUESTS in the second row and you are all set!

  • Your summertime chess quest can begin! We are sure you can "Capture 4 pawns in one game" ;).

  • We wish you a lot of luck and even more fun!

NEW: Inspecting a Chest Reveals More Information!

Chess Rewards
  • As you start playing Chess Universe you are quick to find out about our chests that hold different rewards that you open with a key you earn playing! 

  • In our Summer 2022 Update now by INSPECTING A CHEST you get more information about the content of chest you selected for inspection and now you will inspect 2 chest at once!
  • To access this feature, you click on the rewards treasure chest on the main screen, then you click the inspect a chest button in the right top corner, there you will watch a video to be able to inspect the chest. Then you click on the chest you wish to check out and the next thing you know is you have all the information needed before deciding to use your key in a specific chest! Try it and enjoy. 

NEW: Chess Universe - Summer Grandmaster!

New Grandmaster Pet
  • Finally, in our summer update you get to experience the coolest new addition to your Chess Universe Collection! 

  • By clicking on your avatar and then clicking on pets, scroll all the way down and find the newest addition to your Chess Universe collection!
  • As the world of chess was moved and impressed by his mastery, we hope all Chess Universe players will be excited to have him added to their collection in the app! 

  • We hope you have a lot of fun in our app and that our new Grandmaster inspire you to become the best chess player you can be!


We at Chess Universe have been working on our app and our users experience since 2020, focusing on each update since then. It's been a very interesting and fun journey for us! Our vision is to bring best chess playing and learning experience on mobile for every player in the world. We keep a close eye on your wishes and comments in order to make sure that every next update follows your needs. We hope you enjoy our little run through the The Summer 2022 Update! 

We hope you enjoy the Summer 2022 Update and that as you play chess in our app you come up with some ideas about what you would love to see in it next!

We are here to hear out our players and to give them exactly what they need from our chess game. Since we started, we wanted to spice up chess playing with colorful and interactive graphics, and since then players around the globe have responded very positively to our ideas and updates, however we are in a constant search for something new. 

We would like to believe that our search for improvement will be something our players can appreciate and enjoy each time they open Chess Universe app. 


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