Spring 2022 update

by Milica Knezevic on March 18, 2022


Chess Universe Updates To Get Your Chess Groove ON!

NEW: Invite All Your Chess Friends

We have been working really hard on this particular update! Here we bring you the amazing option to invite your friends into the game and play with them to your heart's content! We have always considered chess to be a very social sport and something that truly brings people together. In this view we found the need for chess lovers to gather and connect by playing together as much as possible. 

Help us create a small community for you that will be super fun to interact with and will inspire you to keep your chess skills sharp. This update was focused mostly on that, improving user experience through social interaction within the app. 

Play vs friend add friend

NEW: Chat With Players and Friends

As we have mentioned previously, it is our belief that chess players are extremally social beings, and enjoy sharing ideas and points of view with each other. The chances of befriending a fellow chess player are truly great if you take into account your common interest. The art of playing chess is now on a newer and better set up stage, finally with our update in Chess Universe you get to chat with players that spark an interest in you during your game together. 

Feel free to take advantage of this update, and acquire more friends who are chess enthusiasts and maybe befriend a grandmaster or two! Let Chess Universe become a place where you get to practice your awesome moves and also chat it up with some interesting and fun people. We are definitely oriented towards you having the most fun possible within out app. 

Mail button

NEW: Five Beautiful Chess Boards

What better way of enjoying your chess playing experience but by using a brand new amazing looking chess board? If you update the app and go on collections and swipe next until you reach chessboards 2022 edition you will be able to see 5 new chess boards we have added to the mix. Pick any one of them in combination with your favorite chess set and create a playing experience that only you can enjoy to it's fullest. 

It's super important that you have many options for the color of your chessboard. So find the combo that works best for you, and make it your lucky charm board. The five within this update are definitely something fresh and new that you will enjoy. 


NEW: Three New Towers in Chess Academy

As you start playing Chess Universe you are quick to find our chess academy! This is the perfect place to learn some basics of chess and also take a stroll down some of the most iconic chess matches in the world. In addition, you get to  discover the wonderful plays of world chess champions such as Kasparov and Fischer. 

We bring you an addition to our existing towers with this update in the form of three completely new ones, so go and try them out right away and let us know how you feel about them! 

Three names in the update are: The Gemstone Mine, The Alchemy Lab and The Hall of Fame.  You are allowed the use of boosters in these towers. You are shielded from blunders, you can use hints or evaluate your board position. You must checkmate your opponent to progress to the next level. harder levels will be time limited. 

chess towers

We at Chess Universe have been working on our app and our users experience since 2020, focusing on each update since then. It's been a very interesting and fun journey for us! Our vision is to bring best chess playing and learning experience on mobile for every player. We will keep a close eye on your wishes and comments in order to make sure that every next update follows your needs. We hope you enjoy our little run through the The Spring 2022 Update. 

We hope you enjoy the Spring 2022 Update and that as you play chess on our app you come up with some ideas about what you would love to see in it. 

We are here to hear out our players and to give them exactly what they need from  chess game. Since we started, we wanted to spice up chess playing with colorful and interactive graphics, and since then people have responded positively to our ideas and update's, however we are in a constant search for something new. 

We would like to believe that our search for improvement will be something our players can appreciate and enjoy each time we release an update!   

Easy Steps To Each New Feature

1. Update: To Invite Friends Into the app, first on the main screen in the bottom left corner click play vs friend. Afterwards you will see a yellow arrow on the right ide after a black box with invite friend written on it, as you click the arrow you will be able to add your friends and they will be saved in the slots below. 

2.Update: In Order To Chat With Players And Friends you need to click the little letter icon on the front screen, it's between the plus and settings buttons. And as you do it you mailbox will open, and then you will be able to chat it up as much as you would like. 

3. Update: For New Chess Boards just click on collections and swipe right until you reach chessboards 2022 edition and here you will find the five new ones that are available. 

4. Update: For New Academy Towers, simply fo to chess academy button and find the three new towers to conquer. It will be very easy to recognize them once you see them on our blog in the examples.  

by Cyriel on May 24, 2022

Update gets better and better. Soon, next update we can chat while in game. Emojis are fun too.

by Michael on May 24, 2022

The chess set looks awesome but I wanna know if it is tournament or medium sized

by Zane Wen on May 24, 2022

I like the new update… Even more nice is the chess academy, playing it while just waiting my food cooked.


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