Chess Universe: Getting Started

by Milica Knezevic on December 26, 2022

Learn All About: Chess Universe Modes

Chess Universe offers you the chance to explore three different modes that will be more than enough for you to have an amazingly fulfilling chess experience! Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will definitely find your match among these three! 

Chess Universe Modes


1. Play vs. Friend

  • It is a game mode in which players can invite friends within the game by searching for their nicknames. A white box says +ADD AN ONLINE FRIEND, where you type in the name
  • When selected, you get to play with the person you chose. You must be online to send your opponent/friend the match request. 
  • The yellow sword icon indicates this fact when your opponent is online. Bonus feature: once you add your friend, you can use this as an opportunity to chat with them in the game through MESSAGES (currently not yet during the match - this is a planned feature).
  • Also, if you guys are in person, you can use your phones to play HEAD TO HEAD. Meaning your phone would display a proper two side chess board that you can use to play chess! 

2. Play vs. Computer

Play against the computer with different difficulties every day. The more you win, the harder it gets. There are two main modes: Play vs. Computer and Practice Match.

If you tap on the modes (VERY EASY, EASY, MEDIUM, HARD) and play the challenge and win, that will earn you keys, which will open various rewards. In this mode, you will be starting from a certain position and with instructions on what you should do to win the game. For example: “Win in 50 moves”.If you click the info icon near the mode (VERY EASY, EASY, MEDIUM, HARD), you can adjust the level of the computer opponent by watching a rewarded video. This is great for players because after watching a short video, they get to adjust the level of the opponent they want to play with. The adjustment can be playing with an easier or harder opponent.

Practice match mode is actually very customizable: 

  • You can set the difficulty
  • Set the color with which you want to play
  • Set time per game 
  • Set helpful hints, evaluation of moves, and shield against bad moves. 

ELO ratings set up the nine difficulty levels ranging from 400 ELO points to 2400 ELO points. 400 is total beginner strength, 2400 is solid chess player strength, almost grandmaster who usually has 2500 ELO and above.

3. Play Online

Play against other players with similar ELO* in the different online modes: 

  • Tavern: Players can create their games (decide rules), unlock rewards, and place bets. You can also use hints and other boosters during gameplay
  • Bullet: 30 seconds or 1 minute per match (each person has that total amount of time to win)
  • Blitz: 3 or 5 minutes per match (each person has that total amount of time to win)
  • Rapid: 10 or 15 minutes per match (each person has that total amount of time to win)
  • Easy tempo: 1 minute per move, without limit for the match

*ELO: It is the rating system used in chess to calculate the players' skill level (the higher, the better)

Learn All About: Chess Universe Academy

Learn the basics of chess by solving challenges and puzzles with the chessboard. Every academy is called a “tower.” There are 21, comprising a selection of learning opportunities for our players.

We will explore their difficulty levels a bit more. 

Chess Academy

Look Out: Presenting Easy Towers!

  • Checkmate Tower: 35 checkmate puzzles that challenge you to mate your opponents in a specific number of moves.
  • Sacrifice Pit: 50 levels where we guide players through the fascinating world of sacrificing pieces in chess to win or gain an advantage.
  • Boxing Arena: 30 levels where players get to sharpen their skills.
  • Chess Brainery: 30 levels, you need to choose your moves wisely and finish challenges in time.
  • Checkmate Playground: 50 levels where we teach players different ways of checkmating their opponent through checkmate puzzles.
  • Alchemy Lab: 30 levels that inspire our players to practice as much as possible and learn more.
  • Checkmate Palace: 100 chess puzzles to solve that combine typical mating constructions, motifs, and attacks.

Look Out: Presenting Medium Towers!

  • ABC School: 20 puzzles to solve, and at certain levels, you are rewarded with items to be used in the game.
  • Checkmate Maze: 50 level allows our players to earn rewards by moving through the chess puzzle maze.
  • Opening Tricks Spire: 50 levels where players can learn amazing and useful chess openings. Keep in mind this is one of the most important parts of winning in chess, knowing your opening moves well.
  • Hall of Fame: Players get to experience playing from the positions of world champions. 30 wins in the Hall of Fame.
  • Queens of Chess: 50 levels where we present the best games of women in chess to date. This is a very fun tower, where we want to encourage our players to explore to embrace all genders in chess.
  • Double Attack Colosseum: 50 levels in which layers learn all about the tactic of double attack as one of the most important tactics to know in chess.
  • ABC College: 30 levels aimed at reward collecting and skill sharpening.

Look Out: Presenting Hard Towers!

  • Fisher’s kingdom: This tower is dedicated to the 50 best games of ex-World Champion from USA Robert Fisher. Players can enjoy both the games played by a chess legend and learn helpful tips on improving their skills.
  • Garry’s Keep: 50 levels dedicated to yet another amazing chess player, ex-World Champion Garry Kasparov. His brilliant moves keep players on their toes, pushing them to think harder and get better.
  • Shogun Stronghold: You must have 30 wins to push forward. Versatile challenges await those who venture.
  • Tal’s Wizardry: 50 levels where we present the beautiful and fun games of Mikhail Tal, the ex-World Champion and magician from Riga.
  • Gemstone Mine: We encourage our players to play 30 levels to win in this tower. Here we make it a point for them not to shy away from making mistakes because that is also a manner of progressing in chess.
  • ABC Race Track: 30 levels, and the puzzle-solving is time-limited. So our players are encouraged to think fast but clearly and make the right move in the allotted time.
  • Citadel of Champions: 100 levels! Chess has produced 20 world champions only, so in this tower, our players get to experience the complexity of their moves and the beauty of the such playing. It is a very challenging tower.

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