10 Easy Steps To Win At Chess Fast

by Milica Knezevic on January 03, 2022
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No time to waste, learn chess strategies in 10 easy steps and start beating your opponents left and right!

1. Start by learning the moves!

  • Each chess piece can move only a certain way.

  • A pawn moves straight ahead but can only attack on an angle, one square at a time.

  • A knight’s move is L-shaped.

  • The bishop moves at an angle but can move more than one square at a time.

  • The rook (castle) can move only in a straight line but can go forward, back or to the side.

  • The queen, the most powerful piece, can move in any direction for any number of squares, but not two directions in one move.

  • The king moves at a stately pace — as a king should — one square at a time in any direction.

  • To make sure you know these by heart, click the button below and learn about each move in a chess game.

2. Start With A Pawn

  • Move the pawn in front of either the king or queen two squares forward.
  • This opens pathways for your bishops and queen to enter the game.
  • They move on an angle and can’t get out onto the field of battle if pawns are in the way. So this can be a great start for you before you learn some more openings and how to achieve them.
  • Once you feel confident about wanting to learn more complex chess openings feel free to check out the blog post below!

3. Get your bishops and knight's out on the battlefield!

  • Before you move your queen, rooks or king, move your knights and bishops toward the center of the board.
  • You want to get these pieces out from behind the pawns so they can attack.
  • Think of this part as an army strategy move, and remember the knights and bishops as you MVPs in the chess army.

4. Question Yourself And Them!

  • When it’s your turn, always think to yourself, “What did my opponent’s last move do? What are they up to?”
  • The key component of chess is to be fully present in the game.
  • Are they laying traps to capture your pieces?
  • Then decide on your own plan. Always look at all your possibilities.
  • Look at moves that would capture your opponent’s men or threaten his king first.
  • Always double-check your moves before you play them.
  • Ask yourself, “Does my move leave something unprotected?”
  • Thinking in advance is what makes chess into an incredibly dynamic and exciting game!

5. Every Second Needs To Have A Purpose!

  • Don’t make too many moves with your pawns or try to pick off your opponent’s pawns.
  • Think in a way that provides you with efficiency, do not waste your time.
  • Time is everything in chess, but it is also everything in life, so keep that in mind during each chess match.

6. The Early "Castle" Catches The Worm!

  • Castling is a chess move that allows you to move your king to safety and bring your rook into play.
  • Once all the squares between your rook and the king are unoccupied you can move the king two squares toward the rook while the rook moves to the square on the king’s other side.
  • If your opponent doesn't castle, you might be able to launch an attack on his king.
  • This is the only move in which more than one piece may be moved in a turn.

7. We Strike At Midnight!

  • Attack in the middlegame, after you’ve brought all your knights and bishops into the game and castled (these moves are your “opening”), the middlegame begins.
  • In the middlegame, always be on the lookout for ways to capture your opponent’s men.
  • Take any piece that your opponent doesn’t protect.
  • You must also look at what will happen to your piece if you take his — will you get picked off?
  • Always be looking for ways to move lots of your men into position to attack the enemy king.
  • Three chess parts: Opening, Middlegame and Endgame.
  • If all these tips and trick are making you want to learn more about chess we suggest you read the blog below:

8. It's Always Better To Sacrifice Your Opponents Men!

  • You’ll take some of your opponent’s pieces. Some of your pieces will be taken during a chess match.
  • You must figure out what is and isn’t a good swap.
  • Use these points to figure out whether you’re making a good move if you’re going to lose one of them:
  • Queen: 9 points
  • Rook: 5 points
  • Bishop: 3 points
  • Knight: 3 points
  • Pawn: 1 point
  • So before you give up a bishop for a pawn in the heat of battle please remember these and know it is definitely not a good idea to do so, no matter how tempting it is for a beginner to win more pieces, this does not bring victory in chess !

9. Patience Is A Bitter Plant But It's Fruit Is Sweet!

  • Chess is a game of wits but most importantly it is a game of patience and calculating.
  • When you come up with a good move, do your best to think of a better one, take into account everything around you.
  • You should avoid rushing through a game, and simply enjoy the pleasure of strategy and tactics.
  • Chess can be seen as a war where the army never dies or bleeds, so take your time!

10. Your Best Mate Is Checkmate!

  • After you and your opponent swap pieces and you’re down to just a few men, the endgame begins.
  • Now the pawns become super important chess pieces. If you can advance a pawn to the farthest row away from you, that pawn becomes a queen or any chess piece of your choosing.
  • Let your king attack, too, as long as he stays out of reach of your opponent’s remaining pieces — especially the queen — and does not let himself to be checked.
  • Your king is said to be in check when your opponent threatens to use one of his pieces to capture the king on his next move.
  • If you can’t block the check by moving one of your own pieces — the game is lost. Checkmate!
  • Make sure you use everything you know and checkmate your opponent before he checkmates you, and just like that, you win!
  • For fun and interesting checkmates visit our blog on this topic:

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  • Use all of these chess tips and trick and try playing a game on our app to see how well you do!
  • Chess Universe is all about practice and effort, and a fun and interactive game can help you see that.
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