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by Milica Knezevic on November 18, 2022
Chess Mood

Welcome dear players to a blog about how to achieve amazing improvements in chess! We partnered up with an extraordinary online chess school lead by a team of grandmaster whose only and main goal is to help aspiring chess players improve their skills! The school is ChessMood, and we will talk a little about the benefits that they provide to their students! 

What Do you Get With ChessMood?

  • 300+ hours of step-by-step video courses by Grandmasters including theory on openings, middlegames, and endgames.
  • During their streams they only play what they teach to help you memorize the lines and understand positions better.
  • Additionally, if you still have questions after watching their courses you have the opportunity to ask anything in the forum or during their streams to get answers directly from their Grandmaster team.   
  • It is definitely a great opportunity for all ages and walks of life! Chess itself provides an opportunity for growth, with a little help from the best you are sure to feel the benefits of chess improvement!  
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ChessMood Inspiration: A story of success

  • We would love to inspire you to join this amazing school by providing a space for one of many successful chess journeys that a chess player took with them! 
  • Presenting Avinash who joined ChessMood during the COVID-19 lockdown when he was 1933 elo. And in around 1 year, he crossed 2400 elo and scored his first IM norm!
  • GM Avetik witnessed his growth first hand when he used to play in the simul events. At first, it was easy to win against Avinash. But over time, the results started to change.
  • “Avinash was always with us and playing the events. And at first, I was winning against him. Then there was one game where I barely managed to win in the endgame. And then during one simul game with Black, he made a few very strong moves...and crushed me with a very nice tactic.”
Chess Success Story
  • Behind this phenomenal growth, there’s a lot of hard work and smart work! He not only binge-watched almost all of ChessMood’s courses, but he also did it smartly. 
  • “I was studying openings which I didn’t know in the morning so that it’s easier to grasp them. And middlegame or endgame in the afternoon to divert myself from the openings. And then revising the openings that I already know in the evening.”

ChessMood Inspiration: A Story Of Employed Success

  • Many players think it’s near impossible for adults with a full-time job to raise their rating.
  • Meet Kevin Hall. He raised 300 points in 6 months while working a full-time job and being a Dad of 5 dogs!
  • What was his secret to growth?
  • The first step was recognizing the need for change. 
  • “I had got to a place where I was really frustrated. It seemed like I had run into a wall. I had got to a place where I knew that something had to be changed. The way I was doing things, just analyzing my games on, playing way too much chess... It just wasn’t bearing fruit. I wanted to have growth, and it just wasn’t happening the way I was trying to do it.
  • It was time for changes… Then I subscribed to ChessMood and completely revamped the way I was doing things.”
Full time Job Chess Master
  • He dared to step out of his comfort zone. This meant changing his approach to chess — from spending too much time playing to learning, switching from 1.d4 to 1.e4.  
  • “I switched from spending most of my time playing to learning. I spent a lot of time learning openings.
  • Earlier I used to start with the London system only. Everybody goes to that. So going from Queen’s Pawn openings to King’s Pawn openings was a big change.”
  • And it always gets worse before it gets better, right? I had this completely new way of thinking and gave another thought to how I was starting my matches. So I went backward before I went forward, and I expected this to be the case with the new openings. Switching from the London system to 1.e4 was a crucial step.”

How To Sign Up For ChessMood?

Click on ChessMood anywhere in this article and it will redirect you to the ChessMood page! From there you can: 

1. Sign up for free using your google/Facebook etc. account and get a free new account with 500 Mood coins!  

ChessMood sign up

2. You can use your coins to watch certain videos for free: like Tactic Ninja, where you get to learn interesting and relevant chess tactics to use in matches. However, we do recommend you get the pro subscription using our DISCOUNT OF 20%!

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3. By clicking the link for ChessMood in this article you are redirected to their page that provides a discount of 20% on both the monthly and yearly subscriptions! Keep in mind chess online lessons from GM can be ridiculously expensive, which is fortunately not the case here! ChessMood lessons are super affordable as is, plus the 20% discount and you get yourself a truly worthy deal! 

We trust that our partnership with this amazing chess school will help all of our players improve even more and develop into excellent chess players over time! 

Chess Universe and ChessMood in combination could bring all aspiring chess players to a new and extraordinary level of play! With these two resources guiding your through the intricate and infinite world of chess opportunities you will without a doubt become one of the best chess versions of yourself! 

It would be amazing to see personal growth through such an eternal game of tactics and psychological strength! Investing in chess is another way of investing n your health, intelligence and overall it's an investment into your wellbeing.  

We hope we have inspired you to make that first step into becoming one of the greatest! 


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