What Can Playing Chess Do For Kids

by Milica Knezevic on July 04, 2022
Chess for Kids

Your primary goal as a parent is to provide your kids with an environment in which they can grow into adults that are ready to eventually take up life challenges with as much ease as possible. 

Making sure our kids are happy is the number one goal. So let us guide you through how chess helps you do this. Teaching your kids this wonderful game can yield unimaginably grand results, so stick around and let's explore together!

1. Chess increases problem solving skills

  • Life in the 21st century seems to be overflowing with obstacles and challenges we need to overcome. We can call all these potential problems ''life battles''. So allow you child to enter all these life battles armed with problem-solving skills. For many world leaders and great thinkers, these problem solving skills started on the chess board. Take for example, Isaac Newton, who was a very good chess player. 
  • The patience required to come up with a solid strategy during a chess match is something your kids can never learn from a book or by you explaining it. It something the pieces on the chess board teach them best. Solving problems will be a piece of cake for them if they can learn how to avoid getting matted in chess. Let them play with Chess Universe and find out!
Kids problem solving

Get your kids started with one of our chess sets and take it day by day until they learn all about the wonders of chess!

2. Chess and Memory

  • We all know that in order to become a true chess master, one must study the board thoroughly. Additionally, remembering patterns played in the opening, middle and endgame are lifesavers for many chess masters. So how do they do it? 
  • Chess guarantees a work out for your memory like no other, your kids will be more interested in memorizing if they know that the more they remember the better the match will be. We were all kids once, we know how much winning means to a child! So as parents we should do our best to keep our kids sharp and ready for the world, where competition is imperative and a good memory almost mandatory. 
  • You prepare them by improving their memory. As this will be a stepping stone for school, university and their job eventually.

3. Chess Sparks Creativity

  • There s nothing better to offer to a child than a chance to creatively express themselves. the chess board is in fact the perfect place to do so. 
  • Chess is not only stimulating intellectually but it is a great game to trigger creative outbursts, both in the problem solving department and move making decisions. 
  • Allow your child to truly take advantage of their potential by teaching them how to play this wonderous game. 
  • Another research among students from grades 7 to 9 doing other activities, play chess, use computers once a week for 32 weeks to measure the most growth in creative thinking. The students were divided into two groups, but the chess group after 32 weeks scored higher in creativity activities with originality being their biggest area of gain.

4. Focus With Chess

  • Concentration is so important for all of us, especially at a young and impressionable age. Chess can help here as well, and make sure that your child is concentrated on the task at hand. 
  • During the game, the opponent won’t tell your kid which piece he moved, so your child should be focused on the game, paying attention to every single detail and piece. In turn, playing chess will help you to develop your kid’s concentration, not only in chess but also in different life situation. 
  • When practicing chess, concentration becomes a must, therefore you turn it into something that comes naturally for your child. 

5. Chess and Planning

  • Living life without a plan never really works out for people. So we should make it a goal of ours that our kids know how to plan. Alongside this, we teach them how to strategize. These are the modern world survival tools. 
  • While playing chess, planning is super important, this in turn becomes the part of the personality and makes the person always follow those rules. So if you want to have a teenager with planning skills, act now.
  • The most important thing is the skills that are being taught through chess go far from the board, and prepare the person for life difficulties, and problems, teach them how to solve those obstacles in a creative way. 
  • Teaching your children how to play chess, can be one of the greatest things that you will do for them.
  • Play chess with your kids, maybe they end up conquering the chess world and become the next Fischer, you never know till you try.

In a world where we always have to make sure we did our very best it is essential we get a great head start. make sure you provide this start for your kids. Teach them how to play chess and spend quality time with them while you improve their life through a simple board game!

Chess playing can become a core memory for you and you kids! This beautiful and rewarding game can be something your kids will love and eventually thank you for!

We can never be absolutely sure that we are doing or saying the right thing as a parent. What we do know, is as long as our kids are happy and smiling we must be doing something right! So start playing chess with your kids today and see how the quality of life sky rockets! 


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