by Milica Knezevic on September 16, 2023
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Tour our Tournaments!

  • It's time for a true Chess Universe update blessing! The long awaited tournaments are finally here! With rewards, and challenges that will make your competitiveness reach it's peak in the game! 

  • We came up with a scheme that allows all our players maximum chess enjoyment and fun while also keeping the atmosphere alive and buzzing due to the rewards that await the winner! 

  • Introducing the epic clash of chess titans in our incredible chess app – where you're not just a player; you're a gladiator of strategy! 🏛️🛡️


Choice 1: The Coliseum Challenge (5-Minute Madness)

  • Picture this: You're standing in the heart of ancient Rome, surrounded by the grandeur of the Coliseum, with crowds roaring and anticipation mounting. That's the feeling you get with "The Coliseum Challenge" in Chess Universe Tournaments! 🏟️

  • In the Coliseum, you have a solid 5 minutes on the clock – just enough time for a quick but thrilling battle. It's like the chess version of a chariot race! You'll need to think fast, move faster, and outwit your opponent before the sands of time run out. Will you emerge as the champion of the arena?

  • The Coliseum Tournaments that you will play and hopefully win, will bring as much joy and double the in game awards as you'd expect. 

Choice 2: Valhalla Showdown (3-Minute Mayhem)

  • Now, let's shift gears to the mystical realm of Valhalla, where fearless warriors are celebrated for their valor! 🌌⚔️

  • In "Valhalla Showdown," you're transported to the legendary halls of the Norse gods, with just 3 minutes to prove your strategic might. Imagine the pressure – it's like a battle against the mythical beasts of old! You'll need cunning tactics and swift moves to earn your place among the heroic champions of Valhalla in both these Chess Universe Tournaments.

Make Your Best Chess Choice!

  • So, which path will you choose, brave chess adventurer? Will you enter the thunderous Colosseum for 5-minute battles that test your mettle or ascend to the majestic Valhalla for 3-minute clashes that push your limits? The choice is yours, and your chess destiny awaits!

  • Bring home a Chess Universe trophy filled with exciting awards and experience our tournaments to the fullest! 🏆🌟

Coliseum vs Valhalla

Let's talk about the benefits: Online Tournaments

  • Online chess tournaments have gained significant popularity and recognition in recent years, and there are compelling reasons why they can be considered equally good or even better than traditional in-person tournaments. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Accessibility and Inclusivity: Online tournaments break down geographical barriers, allowing chess enthusiasts from around the world to participate. This inclusivity promotes diversity in the player pool and exposes participants to a wider range of playing styles and strategies.

  • Convenience Of Online Tournaments: One of the most significant advantages of online chess tournaments is the convenience they offer. Players can compete from the comfort of their own homes, eliminating the need for travel, accommodation, and associated expenses. This convenience is particularly beneficial for young players and those with busy schedules.


  • Instant Feedback and Learning Opportunities: Online tournaments often provide immediate access to game analysis and feedback. Players can review their games, identify weaknesses, and learn from their mistakes more efficiently, contributing to their growth as chess players.

  • Community and Networking: Online chess communities offer forums, discussions, and opportunities to connect with other players, and it's super easy to get to this point through tournaments. These platforms foster a sense of camaraderie and support among chess enthusiasts worldwide.

  • While traditional in-person chess tournaments have their charm and allure, online tournaments provide accessibility, convenience, cost-efficiency, and a wealth of learning opportunities. The chess community benefits from the combination of both online and offline formats, as they complement each other, allowing players to enjoy the game in various ways and continuously improve their skills.

Play and Win A New Currency!

  • In the thrilling world of our chess tournaments, there's a coveted prize that stands out above the rest - the Emerald Award! Picture it as a dazzling gemstone, coveted by chess warriors who dare to enter the arenas of the Colosseum and Valhalla. But what's so special about this prize? Let's dive into the enchanting tale of the Emerald and its enchanting power.

  • When you battle your way through the intense chess clashes of the Colosseum and Valhalla tournaments, each victory brings you closer to the ultimate treasure – the Emerald. It's not just any award; it's a symbol of your strategic prowess and a testament to your chess mastery. Winning the Emerald is like claiming victory in the grandest of chess battles, or in this case the awesome Chess Universe tournaments.

  • But the magic doesn't stop there! The Emerald holds a secret power, one that lets you unlock two awe-inspiring avatars - the Demoness and the Angel. These avatars aren't just any characters; they embody the duality of chess strategy.

  • Choose the Demoness, and you'll harness the fierce and cunning side of chess. Her fiery gaze and sharp moves will intimidate your opponents, leaving them second-guessing their every move. The Demoness is your trusted companion in the heat of the chess battlefield. She comes with a special cannon as well, that yields the power to ‘’change'' an opponent in the most visually stimulating way you can imagine! 

  • On the flip side, the Angel embodies grace, precision, and a touch of celestial wisdom. Select the Angel, and you'll play with the elegance and serenity of a chess virtuoso. Your every move will be calculated and graceful, leaving your opponents in awe of your strategic finesse. She also comes with a cannon of her own that turns all the pets of your opponent into something they are not going to be too happy about! 

  • So, as you embark on your journey through the Colosseum and Valhalla tournaments, remember that the Emerald Award is more than just a prize; it's the key to unlocking the formidable Demoness and the celestial Angel. Will you embrace the darkness or bask in the light of chess mastery and these tournaments? The choice is yours, noble chess warrior!

Of course you also get to see the daily and monthy leader board and see the first three places rewards!

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