Winter 2022 Update: Chess It Up!

by Milica Knezevic on December 15, 2022

We welcome all our current and future players to check out our newest update features that will definitely make chess playing a whole lot more fun! Explore each feature with us, and in case you haven't still, do download our chess app and start your chess journey!

Additionally, check out our Whitepaper for an in depth explanation of our newest NFT related project!  

Chess Universe Update 1.16

Chess Universe Relics

Welcome to a whole new chapter of Chess Universe! We are introducing RELICS to all our players, they are a new, fresh, in game currency that you will be able to win by completing RELIC QUESTS! Relics will redefine play to earn with chess! Read all about it in our How to start earning with chess in 7 steps blog! Chess Universe players will earn Relics. Earned Relics depend on completed quests and Guardian ownership. Players can exchange Relics for $CRYS, spend Relics for in-game content, and summon Guardians.

This is your opportunity to actually earn currency by playing chess! There is no better time to start you crypto/NFT journey than now, and what better way than this. You are feeding your brain, exercising every neuron, and additionally earning currency to use and play around with! The time to enter the crypto world is today, and chess is the perfect way!  


Introducing: 3 New Chess Towers

We created three new and exciting chess towers for all of our players. They are ranked easy, medium and hard. For The History Museum  you have 30 puzzles/tasks to finish until you clear the tower, it's easy! Enter the Magnus Runestone for some booster chess and complete 50 tasks, it's medium! And finally, we present Statue Of Liberty as the hard new tower, consisting of 30 task for you to thrive in!  Allow yourself to be truly challenged with our way of chess! We wish you luck in completing all of our towers!

Tip: Read up on some historical chess matches, look up famous games as well as iconic chess moves that have endured the test of time! This type of research will come in handy when solving chess puzzles in our towers! As with most things in this world, history can help you deal with the present and find solutions that will save you time and energy and as an added bonus teach you more about the beautiful game of chess. 

Chess Towers

Updated Match History: DOWNLOAD YOUR PGN

We offer you a new and improved way of analysing and understanding your games! Each move that you made in a game plays a part in your chess journey. Every chess move is a lesson waiting to happen, and now, with Chess Universe you can truly learn so much more than before! 

Export your match and enjoy! Our color system is still in use where you can see you good, mediocre and poor, represented in green, yellow and red, respectively. We hope you enjoy this new feature and succeed in learning more from both your victories and defeats.

Why it's important to revisit matches: in order to truly grow as a chess player, you must understand how games are analysed and know what makes a move strong or weak. This is all available for you and literally just a few clicks away in the app! We highly recommend you frequently revisit your matches and check out just how much your move strength improves over time. 

Match History Chess Universe

A New Character For You!

Discover a new character that you can use as your avatar! Click on your existing avatar, then select  CHARACTERS and slide all the way to the end to meet Muffin! As you can see, this is a character we added to brighten up our game even more than before! 

Play around in our app and equip your avatar in a fun and creative way! You should keep in mind that chess is a game of creativity as well as intellect!  You should be able to create an interesting character to represent you in order to have more fun! 

This is like any other avatar, it will be what other players will remember you by. We recommend you try and be as creative as you can be, and do not be afraid to create something that is complete nonsense! Even your avatar can be used as a psychological advantage over your opponent! If you create an odd/ weird character and confuse your opponent with it, you give yourself an upper hand for sure!  We wish you the best of luck in this endeavour! 

Character Chess Universe

New Emojis!

We will leave at least one update for you to discover on your own! Discover 4 new fun emojis that help communicate your thoughts in-game to your opponents! Keep in mind, not ALL THOUGHTS should be emoji-cated to your opponent 😉! You should emoji-brag, but a beautiful move is beautiful because it is often times unexpected, over use of emojis can clear the fog for your opponent and make your move obvious! So, use your emojis wisely! 

We hope you truly enjoy everything our app has to offer! It is time to get comfortable, make yourself tea and prepare for a chess battle! We wish you a ton of luck! 

We find it extremely important to listen to all of players, beginners and pros alike, when it comes to our app! We hope that with this update we provided our players with enough content to spice up chess playing for them, and to respond to their voiced needs! 

Hopefully, playing chess will become a daily activity for more people! We encourage you to try our new Play to Earn model with relic quests as soon as you can, and we can guarantee enjoyment!


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