Let's Do Some Chess Puzzles

by Milica Knezevic on January 03, 2022
Chess Puzzle

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Chess Puzzles Explained

  • A chess puzzle is a puzzle in which knowledge of the pieces and rules of chess is used to solve logically a chess-related problem. The history of chess puzzles reaches back to the Middle Ages and has evolved since then.

  • Usually the goal is to find the single best, ideally aesthetic move or a series of single best moves in a chess position, which was created by a composer or is from a real game.

  • Puzzles can also set different objectives: deducing the last move played, the location of a missing piece, or whether a player has lost the right to castle.

  • Sometimes the objective is antithetical to normal chess, such as helping (or even compelling) the opponent to checkmate one's own king.

Chess Universe

Let The Puzzle Solving Begin!

Chess Puzzle 1
  • White just moved their bishop to b4.
  • This is a mistake, but how can you take advantage of it?
  • Think about it and write down you solution before scrolling down to see ours!

Check Out Puzzle #1 Solution!

Chess Puzzle Solution 1
  • Qd4+ is a double attack (fork) against white’s king and bishop.
  • White must get their king out of check.
  • On the next move black will capture the undefended bishop on b4.
  • In this puzzle you can see how important it is to observe and calculate not just your moves and mistakes, but also your opponents

Moving To Puzzle 2!

Chess Puzzle 2
  • Look at the current board situation.
  • What do you think is the best move for white ?
  • Use your imagination and knowledge before finding out the solution.

Check Out Puzzle #2 Solution!

Chess Puzzle Solution 1
  • Qh8+ is a skewer tactic that forces the black king to move.
  • On the next move white will capture the rook on a8.
  • These puzzles are also here to get you creative juices' flowing and to see what you can come up with when presented with a problem.
  • We might have provided a solution but you are completely free to do as you wish and maybe find a different one.

Look at Puzzle Number 3!

Chess Puzzle 3
  • Observe the board carefully.
  • What kind of strategy or tactic can you come up with for blacks? .

Check Out Puzzle #3 Solution!

Chess Puzzle Solution 1
  • Qxg3! wins the white queen since white’s pawn on f2 is absolutely pinned by the black bishop on b6.
  • Was this also your idea?
  • If not, compare and conquer! We are all here to learn how to improve.

Look at Puzzle Number 4!

Chess Puzzle 4
  • Black is on the move.
  • What kind of move for it can you come up with?

Check Out Puzzle #4 Solution!

Chess Puzzle Solution 1
  • Bxc3+ The knight on c3 defended white’s queen!
  • Once white gets their king out of check, black will capture the white queen, Qxd5.
  • A very simple yet beautiful play! Keep up the good work and let's see what's next!

Look at Puzzle Number 5!

Chess Puzzle 5
  • Black is on the move.
  • Can you see the type of move that would be perfect for this position?

Check Out Puzzle #5 Solution!

Chess Puzzle Solution 5
  • Bxa2 is a discovered attack on white’s queen.
  • White must get their king out of check, then black will play Rxe3 on the next move!
  • So far, so good, study the solutions well so the previous ones can be a helping hand for the next puzzle!

Look at Puzzle Number 6!

Chess Puzzle 6
  • We are kicking it up a notch!
  • Try and find the best move for white.
  • Focus and give it your all !

Check Out Puzzle #6 Solution!

Chess Puzzle Solution 6
  • Qxe5! The point is that black’s bishop defended the f6-square.
  • Now that the bishop is gone, white is threatening Nf6+, forking black’s king and queen.
  • White wins a bishop in the process.

Look at Puzzle Number 7!

Chess Puzzle 7
  • Concentrate on what you an see happening so far.
  • Find the best move for white.
  • Remember everything you learned so far and give it a go!

Check Out Puzzle #7 Solution!

Chess Puzzle Solution 7
  • White plays Qd4!
  • This is a double attack (fork) because white is threatening 1) Qxg7# and also 2) Qxb6.

Look at Puzzle Number 8!

Chess Puzzle 8
  • Black’s rook on c3 is pinned to the queen on f6.
  • Is there a way for white to take advantage of this pin?
  • What kind of move can you come up with?
  • Study your move and then the solution.

Check Out Puzzle #8 Solution!

Chess Puzzle Solution 8
  • 1.Rc1! White will capture the black rook on the next move or, if the rook moves, white will capture the black queen on f6.
  • After you know the solution try and understand in depth as to why this move is the best option!

Look at Puzzle Number 9!

Chess Puzzle 9
  • Your turn to decide!
  • What should white do?
  • Think long and hard and then check out the solution once you have an idea.

Check Out Puzzle #9 Solution!

Chess Puzzle Solution 9
  • 1.Qd2! is a beautiful move that uses the idea of a discovered attack to reveal a skewer on black’s queen.
  • If the queen moves away, white will play Rxc8+ on the next move.

Look at Puzzle Number 10!

Chess Puzzle 10
  • Black is threatening Qxh2#
  • How can you change this situation for your own gain?
  • Let's find out how you can turn the situation around.

Check Out Puzzle #10 Solution!

Chess Puzzle Solution 10
  • 1.Bxf7+ is a discovered attack.
  • White will play Qxh4 on the next move, capturing black’s queen.

Repetition is the mother of learning!

  • To make sure your hard work today pays off make sure to revisit these puzzles several times, go over them once again just to make sure you grasped the general logic behind each solution.
  • Puzzles and daily chess playing are super usefull if you wish to improve, but also it can help with so many other things in life: like creating a healthy routine and practicing logical thinking on a regular bases etc.

  • Many chess mysteries arise when you start learning, and often times you will end up feeling a bit discouraged. However, there is not a feeling that can be compared to your first won match!
  • So hype yourself up and start with a five minute game every day and watch as you daily life gets exponentially more satisfying.

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by Clemente Chavez on January 14, 2022

Your solution picture for puzzle number three is a repeat of number two’s solution pic.
The text for solution 3 is correct.
Ah yes the moves we were sure of until they are actually made..

Your puzzles were very informative.
I plan to implement them in future matches.
Thank you


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