How to start earning with chess in 7 steps

by Milica Knezevic on December 16, 2022

We are so excited to talk to you about the new amazing opportunity for all chess players to explore in our Chess Universe! We prepared the most amazing chess challenges in the form of quest for you that will ultimately reward you! Your rewards will be RELICS, that you will be able to use in the most extraordinary ways!

Let's talk about the chess steps to success!


STEP 1: Create a Chess Universe Account inside the app

  • In order for all our players to be able to enjoy relic quests and relics, they all have to create a chess universe account! To make sure there is a place where earned relics are saved, alongside their guardians! 

  • So, you can create an account by either going to the SETTINGS option and creating an account or going directly to your avatar, and clicking RELICS. From relics you can create an account and afterwards be logged in with it. 
Chess Relics Step 1

STEP 2: Login with this account on page

  • For your next step, you will be redirected to next screen where you will tap "CONNECT YOUR ACCOUNT" and you will be redirected to the Chess Universe website login page. All you need to do is put in your email and password that you used to create your Chess Universe Account inside the app!
  • We also recommend checking out our website for some informational fun! Additionally, you can check out our Whitepaper as well! 
Step 2

STEP 3: Connect your crypto wallet with your Chess Universe account on website

  • After you login, your next step is to connect your crypto wallet to the website. In case you still do not own one, we recommend you create free Metamask crypto wallet here ! For more tips and lessons on Crypto wallets and NFTs, you can check out our blog!

  • First, go to the connect icon in the top right corner and proceed with the steps shown!  

  • Remember, it's important to use one crypto wallet from start to finish of this entire process, this is of course in order to make sure that everything you earn has a place alongside everything you buy! 
Step 3 Relics Chess Universe
  • After you click connect, and choose the wallet that you use, you will then be asked to connect the wallet and to of course, sign the connection. 

  • This is a standard process with connecting your crypto wallet. You can do this with a Metamast browser extension if you are on desktop browser, or simply on your phone inside Metamask web browser!
  • Below we show how the connecting wallet to our websit looks like inside Metamask browser. 
Step 3 Chess Universe Relics

STEP 4: Buy Chess Universe NFT GUARDIANS

  • It's time for your first ultra fun chess purchase! Head on over to our page and get your GUARDIAN NFT by first connecting your wallet and then tapping MINT NOW. Minting means that you will create completely new GUARDIAN and transfer it to your crypto wallet. You can buy it with all Credit cards, Etherium on Etherium network or MATIC on Polygon network. You can use 3 GUARDIANS in Chess Universe at the same time, to maximize your earnings. You can buy up to 40 GUARDIANS with 1 wallet.  

  • Our Guardians will make your RELIC QUESTS even more exciting and worthy of pursuing! Play chess, knowing that your rewards will be truly, and genuinely rewarding! By having a Guardian you multiply your RELICS according to RELIC BONUS that your GUARDIAN will have. Each GUARDIAN can have RELIC BONUS from 10x to 100x. 

  • GUARDIANS are the best long term investment to your relic earnings! Plus, they are super fun to collect, and look positively amazing! 
Step 5

STEP 5: Equip Your Chess Universe Guardian

  • Once you have purchased your Guardian, it's time to equip them for a game. This step is required just once.  

  • You can do this easily, by following in app steps, that will once you tap GUARDIANS take you to the corresponding GAURDIANS website. Here you will be able to place your GUARDIANS in the appropriate slots and use them! 
Step 5
Step 5

STEP 6: Find out which Relic Quest you need to complete

  • For RELIC QUESTS there will be five quests to complete every 24 hours in the online PVP Mode for all of our players with GUARDIANS! Players without GUARDIANS will see your GUARDIANS while they play against you, but they will not be able to complete RELIC QUESTS. 

  • RELIC QUESTS refresh after 24 hours, every day. We suggest you try them out right away. That means that each day you will have an opportunity to complete a maximum of five relic quest and get RELIC rewards for each! The more GAURDIANS you have equiped during games and the more RELIC BONUS each GUARDIAN will have, the more RELICS you will earn.
  • Take them as an extremely fun puzzle to do, that ends up being super rewarding for you! 

  • As far as difficulty goes, as you can see, there will be easy, medium and hard RELIC QUESTS! 

  • The base rewards for easy quest is 1 RELIC, 3 for medium and 5 for completing the hard quests! But when you equiped the GUARDIANS, this rewards will be multiplied as shown in picture 2 in step 5 above. 

STEP 7: Play Online and Earn Your Relics

  • The time for the last step is here! If we follow the top picture, and let's say you discovered the five quests! We suggest you start from the easy one! 

  • Go to your Chess Universe App now and check out your easy quests and try to complete it! 

  • For the quest in the picture, you would need to capture 3 rooks in your online matches! Which for a chess enthusiast as you, should not be a problem! 

  • So warm up your chess mind and get to earning! We wish you the best of luck! Feel free to comment and send feedback to our support team and you can ask us and other GAURDIAN players anything in CHESS UNIVERSE DISCORD here - Welcome.

There have been many opportunities over time in which we could have chosen to give something new a chance. These something news were at one time Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. 

This is one of those moments, those who love chess have finally gotten the opportunity to explore so much with their favourite game and to finally use their skills in a beneficial way!


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