Are Chess Players Smart?

by Milica Knezevic on January 13, 2022

  • For as long as people can remember, chess players were described unanimously as smart and highly intellectual. We are accustomed seeing their high IQ's, praise regarding their memory, their excellent and well trained mental states etc.
  • However, in the everchanging and everlasting world of chess there were those who provided the game with more.
  • Masters of analysis are well know, but alongside them there were those whose creativity on the board shocked and amazed millions.
  • We hope you enjoy the list of reasons as to why chess players earned their "smart" attribute.

Reasons Why It's A Yes To Chess

  • Better Memory- Ever wondered if memory can imporove or if your capabilities are set in stone? Let's find out through chess.

  • Creativity- Everything about chess seems to be wrapped up in analytics, and logical thought patterns, but as we mentioned some of the worlds greatest players were more artists then they were mathematicians.

  • Pattern Recognition- When you start playing chess everything seems to be already there for you, the opnening, the checkmates, one click and you can find a perfect pattern for a game. This makes chess fascinating also.

  • Strategic Thinking- Thinking ahead and in the moment is one of he key attributes of chess players, so we will definetly have to talk about it.

  • Evaluation Masters- Always understanding your position and the position of you opponent is the perfect game. However, this is a useful life skill as you will find out in this paragraph.

Better Memory: Chess Tool #1

  • The game of chess can be divided into three stages: opening, middlegame and endgame.
  • A serious chess player at the elite level must study and know up to at least 10 moves ahead in the opening stage.
  • When it comes to the opening, there are several options for players to chose from, so one must always be ready for a response to their opponents moves.
  • The most common opening played is the Sicilian defense. This opening alone has over 10 different variations a player must be familiar with. White should always know what to do in response to Black and vice versa.
  • To start your memory improving journey check out The Chess Universe Game and soak up as much information as you can!
  • In regards to memory, as we can tell from the previously mentioned, chess games require a vast amount of knowledge. However, this is not unattainable. It takes dedication and practice, but you memory will improve the more you play.
  • Chess players retain information that they hear better than the average person, you can check the study by simply clicking the button below:

Creativity: Chess Tool #2

  • Creativity in chess is mostly associated with resourcefulness now.
  • However, going back in time and watching plays of Grandmasters such as Tal and Capablanca, you feel as if art is being created on a board that seems so lifeless and strict.
  • It is in these chess players whose names we all ought to know, that you can find true inspiration for chess.
  • Creativity in chess encompasses adaptability, quick thinking and ingenuity.
  • Being in "danger" of losing in a chess game, get's your creative juices flowing, so try it out on our app. Even the figures, pets and avatars can maybe provide with a visual inspiration for your next great chess move.
  • There is a Daily Challenges feature in our game that will definitely inspire you to think creatively everyday, try it out and let us know all about you experience.
Chess Creativity

Pattern Recognition: Chess Tool #3

  • Chess players can spot mating patterns and sequences at any time during their game.
  • In chess, a mating pattern is one that leads to checkmate. The player who recognizes this pattern will try everything in their power to create such a scenario and mate the enemy King.
  • There may be patterns in the opening, patterns in the middlegame and patterns in the endgame that every player wishes to possess.
  • In the opening, a player may wish to achieve an ideal pattern that could set them up to achieving an early advantage in the game.
  • You can check out matting patterns, opening patterns and also general strategies related to patterns in the our blogs by clicking the underlined titles.

Chess Pattern
  • A study showed that chess players have a generally better visual memory, which enables them to recognize patterns quickly and in larger amounts.
  • Start exploring these for yourself as soon as possible!

Strategic Thinking: Chess Tool #4

  • A great chess player will at no time make an arbitrary move on the board. Every move is made for a reason and a lot of planning is involved. There are many strategies involved in chess.
  • In the opening stage, the main strategy is to get your pieces out as quickly as possible, protect your king by castling and secure the center position.
  • The middlegame has a lot to offer to a good strategist, and is a fun challenge for all.
  • Although it seems like there are a lot of strategies to take notice of ; an elite chess player will notice that each strategy points to one main outcome, and that is activity.
  • Take note of these benefits but also apply this in your games.

Strategy Chess
Evaluation Masters: Chess Tool #5

  • Evaluating in chess is a valuable skills to possess. A lot of players may know how to calculate and win material. But what separates the great from the ordinary is the ability to evaluate a position.
  • Evaluation in chess simply means the ability for one to observe a given position and tell who is better (Black or White).
  • Usually at the beginner level, players will evaluate based upon their material advantage. However, a true master knows the importance of taking into account both positional and material factors.
  • Taking into account all of the potential estimates necessary to know where one stands, we can conclude with certainty, that chess players are indeed smart.
  • Always try and play at least one game per day, and increase your own level of :smart", Both in chess and in life.
Evaluation Chess

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