44th Chess Olympiad 2022

by Milica Knezevic on August 05, 2022
Chess Olympiad

What is the Chess Olympiad?

  • The Chess Olympiad is a biennial chess tournament in which teams representing nations of the world compete. FIDE organises the tournament and selects the host nation. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, FIDE held an Online Chess Olympiad in 2020 and 2021, with a rapid time control that affected players' online ratings.
  • The use of the name "Chess Olympiad" for FIDE's team championship is of historical origin and implies no connection with the Olympic Games.
  • The first Olympiad was unofficial. For the 1924 Olympics an attempt was made to include chess in the Olympic Games but this failed because of problems with distinguishing between amateur and professional players. While the 1924 Summer Olympics was taking place in Paris, the 1st unofficial Chess Olympiad also took place in Paris. FIDE was formed on Sunday, July 20, 1924, the closing day of the 1st unofficial Chess Olympiad.

    FIDE organised the first Official Olympiad in 1927 which took place in London.

  • The Olympiads were occasionally held annually and at irregular intervals until World War II; since 1950 they have been held regularly every two years.

41th Olympiad
First Olympiad
  • On the right picture we can see the 16 participating countries in the first Chess Olympiad, vs the left picture where we see the participating countries for the 41th Chess Olympiad. 
  • As the duration prolonged, the popularity also grew! Making it into one of the most prestigious sports events in the world.

Presenting: The 44th Chess Olympiad!

  • The 44th Chess Olympiad (also known as the Chennai Chess Olympiad), organized by the Fédération Internationale des Échecs (FIDE) and comprising open and women's tournaments, as well as several events designed to promote the game of chess, is being held in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India from 28 July to 10 August 2022.

  •  This is the first Chess Olympiad to take place in India.

  •  The event was initially supposed to take place in Khanty-Mansiysk, along with the Chess World Cup 2019, but was moved to Moscow and scheduled for the period from 5 to 17 August 2020.

  •  However, it was postponed as a result of the growing concerns around the COVID-19 pandemic and finally relocated to Chennai following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

    The total number of participants is 1,736, with 937 in the Open and 800 in the Women's event.  The number of registered teams is 188 from 186 nations in the Open section and 162 from 160 nations in the Women's section.

  • Both sections set team participation records. The main venue of the Chess Olympiad is the convention centre at the Four Points by Sheraton, while the opening and closing ceremonies will be held at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. The Chief Arbiter of the event is France's International Arbiter Laurent Freyd.

44th Chess Olympiad Logo

You can see this years Logo above and read the introductory information in the following paragraph:


  • India has always been a place of many talented chess players, and the country as a whole counts an incredible number of both chess amateurs and professionals.

  • This years Olympiad has sent the country in a sort of frenzy over the sport, making it clear just how much respect and love is given towards chess in this country.  

  • The event is being contested by a total of 188 teams, representing 186 national federations, which set a new record. India, as host country, fields three teams.

  •  The women's tournament features a record of 162 teams, representing 160 federations.The Netherlands Antilles, albeit a non-existing entity since 2010, are allowed to field teams under this name, because the Curaçao Chess Federation remains officially registered as representing the dissolved country in the FIDE Directory. 

  • The tournament is being played in a Swiss system format. The time control for all games is 90 minutes per 40 moves with additional 30 minutes after the 40th move, while the increment is 30 seconds per move. It is allowed for a player to offer a draw at any time during the game.

  • A total of 11 rounds will be played, in which every team is playing with four of their players against another team. Every team is allowed to nominate one reserve player.

    Teams are ranked according to the match points won in every round. In case of same number of match points by two or more teams, the tie-breaker is decided by applying: 1. The Sonneborn-Berger system; 2. Total game points scored; 3. Sum of the match points of the opponents, excluding the lowest one

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