1972 Reykjavik, ISL - Fischer vs Spassky

by Robert Volcansek on August 05, 2022

Fischer vs Spassky
  • The name Bobby Fischer, at least to Americans, is synonymous with chess. 
  • A prodigy in the 50s, a world class player in the 60s, the 70s saw Fischer at his pinnacle. 
  • He earned the right to challenge Boris Spassky in a title run without comparison, defeating Mark Taimanov and Bent Larsen with perfect scores of 6-0, and ex-champion Petrosian 6½-2½. 
  • Now the stage was set, and the only thing standing between Fischer and Spassky was Fischer himself. 

Fischer vs Spassky 1972: 12½ - 8½

  • The match was mired in political overtones, during the height of the Cold War. The Soviet chess system had a monopoly on the title since 1948, and the expectations on Spassky were enormous. While Fischer studied chess virtually in seclusion, Spassky had the full resources of the USSR. Victor Baturinsky, head of Soviet Chess Sports Committee, said: "Basically, the Soviet leadership and the powers that be in sport, were interested in just one issue: how to stop Fischer from becoming World Champion.''
  • With the match set to begin in Reykjavik, Iceland, Fischer (who had not signed any documents confirming his participation) began to make a number of demands, including a percentage of television rights, a larger prize fund, and all manner of conditions covering everything from the lighting to the chair cushions. To satisfy Bobby's demands of a larger prize fund, British chess promoter James Slater donated a dazzling $125,000 to be added to the prize fund. Fischer still needed more convincing by Bill Lombardy (Fischer's last-minute choice as second), and one famously persuasive telephone call from Henry Kissinger. Mere hours before he would be forfeited, Fischer arrived in Iceland. 
  • On July 11th, the "Match of the Century" had begun. Whether it was a blunder, or a passion to win at all costs, the first game saw Fischer uncharacteristically lose a simple drawn endgame. Game 2 was awarded to Spassky by forfeit when Fischer failed to appear in a dispute over the presence of cameras in the playing hall.
  • With the score 2-0 in Spassky's favor, Fischer refused to play unless TV cameras were removed from the playing hall. Only a last minute agreement by Spassky to play away from the cameras permitted the third game to be held. This turned out to be a huge psychological mistake by Spassky. In game 3, in a small room backstage, Fischer beat Spassky for the first time in his life. The games then returned to the main stage, but without cameras. Winning again in games 5, 6, 8, and 10 the Fischer juggernaut had become unstoppable.
  • On September 3, 1972, Robert James Fischer became the 11th World Chess Champion.
  • Let's explore some games from this match that are impactful! Enjoy with Chess Universe

1. Shocking Capture: Nimzo-Indian Defense: Normal Variation. Gligoric System Bernstein Defense (E56)

2. The Winning Return: Benoni Defense: Knight's Tour Variation (A61)

3. Spassky's Qc2 Blunder: Nimzo-Indian Defense: Huebner Variation. Main Line (E41)

4. Fischer's Symphony: Queen's Gambit Declined: Tartakower Defense. Exchange Variation (D59)

5. Spassky's Nd7 Debacle: English Opening: Symmetrical. Mecking Variation (A39)

6. Bobby's Ruy Loaded: Spanish Game: Morphy Defense. Breyer Defense Zaitsev Hybrid (C95)

7. Fischer King: Alekhine Defense: Modern. Alburt Variation (B04)

8. The Final Curtain: Sicilian Defense: Paulsen Variation (B46)

Concluding remarks

There is no greater honor than being able to revisit one of the most epic historical moments in chess by simply clicking on a title! 

Provided you explored Fischer's road to success you are aware of both his genius, perseverance and historical impact! We at Chess Universe decided that educating or simply reminding chess players of the impact certain chess figures had on our perception of both the game and the world is extremely important in continuing the legacy of the game! We thank you for exploring with us and are looking forward to the next adventures together with our players and readers!  


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